Wednesday, 22 July 2020


Welcome to the Plants Vs. Zombies Hints, Tips and Cheats Blog! Here we'll display loads of hints, tips and even cheats! Stay tuned for more updates! Get Plants vs Zombies now from PopCap Games! 

About Plants Vs. Zombies:

Plants Vs. Zombies is a fun and quirky game by PopCap. Zombies are creeping on your lawn, and your garden is your last line of defense against these brain-crazy cannibals. You have some pretty peculiar (but useful) plants at your disposal, including pea shooters that spit green balls at the undead, hot tamales that burn everything in their path, and Venus zombie traps. By planting various seeds in strategic locations around your lawn you may be able to hold off the onslaught and keep them from entering your house and eating your brain. 

Unlike many tower defense games there isn't a winding path the zombies follow towards your home. The yard is divided into six rows and zombies shuffle in fairly orderly. They won't cross over into other lanes but you will find multiple bodies coming in on one row. It's a very simple concept and, in fact, when you first playPlants vs. Zombies you may find it to be too laid back; too easy. But the real draw here is the incredible variety of plants (towers) and zombies. There are 48 kinds of plants with numerous offensive, defensive, and production capabilities, and 26 different zombies. Completing each level in the game will unlock a new plant or item to add to your arsenal. These constant rewards really keep you involved and will have you saying "just one more level" long after you initially thought there wasn't much to the game. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Plants Vs. Zombies World and Zombie Challenge!

Hello again, readers! We're happy to bring you our new contest, the World and Zombie Challenge! In this contest, all you have to do is to submit an idea to us in the form at the World and Zombie page!. These ideas can be different worlds, like the night levels, day levels, etc. It should be original! You can also can submit ideas for new kinds of zombies and plants! The winner of the contest's name (or nickname) will be portrayed in the blog (in the right column, to be exact).

Remember, be original!

1. Be original. Definitely bears repeating.
2. Do not spam. There is no point in doing this as your comment will be removed instantly.
3. Submit your plants, zombies or level ideas in the form with all the details accurate. Your e-mail will NEVER be published.
4. Do not use a fake e-mail because the prize details will be e-mailed to you if you're a winner. Confirmation e-mails will not be sent.

That's it! The winner also will win a secret prize! It won't be revealed until the winner is!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Weird Plant position (In I, Zombie)

Look at this totally weird overlapping plant in I, Zombie!

Plants Vs. Zombies Minigame - I, Zombie

Who hasn't heard of the famous I, Zombie minigames? In these games, you play as a person planting zombies to eat up plants. As you progress through the games, they will get harder and harder. Here's a pic of the I, Zombie Endless:

Football Zombie Craze!

Dancing Zombies!

It wasn't easy doing all this --- you have limited sun, just like in the regular games.

Check back for more posts!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cheat Engine

Did you know you can even cheat on PVZ? Aside from the in-game little cheats like 'future' (makes zombies wear cool sunglasses), you can use a downloadable program called Cheat Engine. Use the following steps bellow to have infinite sun in a level.

Step #1: Open Plants vs. Zombies game and Cheat engine. (You can find it at All Programs --> Cheat Engine).

Step #2: Play the game you want to cheat (here, its PVZ) and record the amount of sun you have.

Step #3: Click the little computer icon and pick "popcapgame1..exe" or Plants vs zombies..exe.( In
cheat engine). PVZ MUST be on.

Step #4: Put the amount of sun in the value box and do "New Scan / First scan."

Step #5: Use / collect sun in the game.

Step #6:Change the value in cheat engine to the value of sun you have now, and do "Next Scan". 

Step #7: Double click the code in teh box to the left, and at the bottom a box will appear. Double click the value area and change it to the amount of sun you want.

Step #8: Check the box "Active".

That's it! Read the steps carefully.

Plants Vs. Zombies Zen Garden

Hooked on Plants Vs. Zombies? An interesting add-on by PopCap allows you to maintain your own Zen Garden of plants you find on levels! Here's a preview:

The plants can be found on various levels once you unlock the Zen Garden. You can water your plants, spray them with bug spray, feed them and play music for them! All these earn you coins which you can spend in Crazy Dave's shop.